What to Think About Before Buying a Used Sprinter Van

sprinter van on the road

Life on the road with a sprinter van is really fun and exciting, but there are things that you would have to consider before buying a used sprinter van. Warner Vans of Utah will discuss the things you need to think about before buying one.

1. Check for rust.

Sprinter vans, too, are susceptible to corrosion. Make sure to check the one that you are going to get for signs of rust. Take a look at the suspension, shocks and wishbone and see if there are any signs of surface or core rust. You should also check on the driveshaft, the exhaust and parts under the engine.

Also take a look inside of the van and see if there are any rusts in there. If there are, then skip it and find another unit.

2. Check the steering.

The two front ball sockets on the steering can start to wear off after years of using the sprinter van, most especially if it was used for carrying heavy loads in the rear.

Make sure to take a look into it and see if the ball sockets are still in good condition — intact and perfectly working. If you are unsure, then you might want to bring a friend or a professional who is familiar with sprinter vans and how they work.

3. Check the doors.

Check all of the sprinter van’s doors and see if there are any signs of warping. This can happen over time, so see to it that the particular unit you are planning to buy does not have that issue.

Ask the seller if the doors have ever been replaced. Old or worn-out doors can cost a lot, especially since they can get all warped up in extreme temperatures.

Always consult someone knowledgeable with sprinter vans before going ahead and buying one. You want to get a good deal out of this, so make sure to be careful when buying a used unit.