What You Can Do with Old Tires

Old TiresWhether you own a small car or a huge construction vehicle, old tires are an issue you have to deal with. Tires are practically indestructible, and once they’ve gone bald, they’re only good for scrap. This leaves a lot of rubber that won’t readily decompose for years to come.

DIY Recycling Projects

You can use old tires to make a tire playground for the kids. You can make a climbing tire ladder, a tire swing, or even a small sand pit. Beyond that, you can use tires as animal feeding lots or a planter. Western Tire Recyclers says that by learning to see junk in a new light, you can create the most innovative projects. Else, you can always seek inspiration from the internet.

Money from Trash

It’s possible to make money off old tires. Bring your old tires to a retreading shop and, depending on the quality of the tire, you can later resell them. If you can spare the time for it, you can even gather tires from gas stations and auto repair shops. You may not make all that much from it but it can be an interesting thing to do on the side.

Send It to a New Life

Sometimes, you may not have the time for recycling projects or don’t have space to put them in. If that sounds like you, you can bring the tires along with other recyclables to a recycling shop. Check if the center has a tire recycling machine that can take off the road tires. This way, you only need to make one trip to the recycling center to get things done.

Tires are particularly desirable because they can be used for a variety of purposes. Recycling machines shred the tires and the rubber can be used as building material, playground covering, and erosion control. There are even attempts at making it into fuel. The steel bits of the tire are also more easily recycled, so nothing is wasted when you bring you tires to be shredded.

Depending on the state, tires might not be allowed on landfills. With recycling centers now in place, tire disposal has become not just convenient, but also beneficial for the environment.