Why Do You Need to See Your Dentist Even When Your Teeth Seem Perfectly Fine?

gentleman being attended to by a dentist

Oral health is a basic expectation in Australia. Australians are encouraged to take their dental health seriously and avoid delaying visits to the dental office. Since reputable dentists in Townsville accept bulk billing or allow patients to pay the cost through Medicare, Australians can consult their dental practitioners as often as they want – even when they have seemingly beautiful teeth.

Apart from merely affording it, here are more reasons to have regular dental visits.

1. You have a bad taste in the mouth

Have you experienced an ‘aftertaste’ after eating? Is your saliva thicker than usual, or do you have a persistently dry mouth and bad breath? There may be underlying causes for these.

2. You experience pain when chewing

If there’s a sudden pain or discomfort when chewing or swallowing, it can be an indication of infection or some other condition in your mouth or throat. Feeling a tinge of pain while eating is not normal, particularly when it originates from the jaw.

3. You are diagnosed with an illness

Medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and HIV require the attention of the dentist, too. Of course, you need to know how the medications will affect your oral health as well as the oral-related treatment or medication that you are currently taking. More so if you are about to undergo treatment, such as chemotherapy or radiation.

4. You have a dental problem history

If any of your family members have had tooth decay or gum disease, you should see the dentist. Such conditions are not necessarily genetic, but living in the same house and having the same lifestyle may put you at risk, as well.

5. You are pregnant

Pregnant women are vulnerable to tooth decay due to the possibility of calcium deficiency. It would be best to learn how your overall oral health may be affected throughout the pregnancy and what you should do about it.

These are five important reasons to see your dentist even when you think you don’t have to. Only a dentist can diagnose and enlighten you about these problems or concerns.