Your Guarantee to Safety: Why You Need a WoF

Driving in New Zealand

Driving in New ZealandCars, just like everything else in the world, deteriorate over time. Parts break down and components wear out. When you drive a car, you want to make sure your car is safe and free of defects. This is important when you are buying a used car; the first thing you would want to check is if the used car runs properly. This is when warrant of fitness (WoF) comes in.

Fit for a Drive

In New Zealand, light vehicles must undergo a warrant of fitness to ensure these pass safety regulations. Light vehicles include cars, station wagons, 4WD vehicles, motorcycles, vans, mopeds and trikes. You can get your warrant of fitness anywhere in the country.

WoF Schedules for Your Car

As the auto technicians of explain, how often you will need to get a WoF depends on the registration date of your vehicle. New vehicles that are yet to be registered, and those not more than two years old since the first registration will need to undergo WoF every three years. On the other hand, vehicles between two and three years old, and those registered on or after January 2000 will need a WoF annually. Lastly, vehicles registered before January 2000 will need a WoF every 6 months.

Drive Not in These Conditions

If your car doesn’t meet safety standards and doesn’t have a valid WoF label, you cannot drive your vehicle. You can drive the car if you are having it repaired, or if you are getting a WoF.

Parts to Check and Maintain

A WoF covers many aspects of a vehicle. It includes the tyres, lights, doors, airbags, safety belts, exhaust, fuel system, and even the windscreen washers and wipers. When you have modified your vehicle extensively, you will receive a low volume vehicle certificate before getting your WoF.

The Warrant of Fitness ensures that you can drive safely on the road. You don’t have to wait for your next inspection to maintain your vehicle. Once you see parts of your car failing WoF standards, fix them.