Your Ultimate Guide to Cosmetology and a Fabulous Career in It

Woman With Her HairdresserBeing a cosmetologist is one of the toughest yet most fulfilling jobs you can ever have. It does feel good to see your clients all pretty, pampered, and prepped up – it’s like staring at your living work of art. However, it’s also a tough job since you have to ensure your clients look and feel better, and care for their skin, nails, and hair. Any booboo could land you out of a salon and leave you jobless instantly.

Quick Facts on Cosmetology

As of 2015, cosmetology remains to be one of the most popular jobs in America. There were more than 400,000 people working in this industry. These nail technicians, hairstylists, and make-up artists earn up to $13 every hour, though some earn even higher because of modeling gigs, wedding fairs, makeup booths, and other avenues for showcasing one’s talent in cosmetology.

Another reason cosmetology has an increasing number of workers is that clients will never say no to relaxation and pampering after a long day at work. This makes cosmetology a popular, if not saturated, industry.

How to Survive in the Cosmetology Industry

To work in a salon or establish your own, you must first attend a cosmetology school in Salt Lake City. There, you will learn the basics of hair cutting and styling, makeup, manicure, pedicure, and other spa services. You will undergo training sessions in a cosmetology school, and the style you acquire depends on what the school teaches you, or what the instructor’s personal approach is.

Aside from serious and intense training, you will also be taught superior customer skills, listening skills, and time management skills. In a salon, customers come and go. You will learn to juggle a lot of tasks and face various types of clients.

If you want to become a hair stylist, you will have to complete a certificate course or graduate from a cosmetology program. It’s the same thing if you want to work as a makeup artist. Once you have a license, however, your “rank” becomes higher, and you get to work with high-profile individuals. Nevertheless, the career you build out of cosmetology is one that is chic and fab!